Interested in joining our chapter?

    The benefits of being a member are numerous:

    Planner Benefits:
    Supplier Benefits:
    Other (Educator, Retiree, or Student) Benefits:

    Now that you see that membership in our organization can be quite rewarding, take a moment and complete your membership application. If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact [email protected]

    IMPORTANT: Please learn more about the categories for membership at


    Government Planner/Contract Planner - $55/$140
    Supplier/Associate Supplier - $400/$275
    Educator/Student/Retiree - $25

    SGMP Member Bill of Rights

    • Members have the right to respect - SGMP is our membership and the Society has no life separate from its members. 
    • Members have the right to be heard - Members have a voice in the Society and can expect that leadership and staff respond to their input. 
    • Members have the right to leaders who put the Society first - Leadership is service to others and being true to the Society’s mission.
    • Members have the right to lawful and ethical leadership - Members can expect and demand that elected leaders and staff comply with all governing laws, policies and ethical standards. 
    • Members have the right to participate in governance - The Society is run democratically and allows members to vote and seek leadership positions. Members can expect transparency in governance and operations. 
    • Members have the right to have Society funds used to advance our mission - SGMP leaders have a fiduciary responsibility to manage Society funds and assets for the good of the entire Society. SGMP funds are to be used for meeting member needs of today, ensuring the sustainability of operations, and preparing for the Society’s future.

    Please indicate your chapter affiliation as GA Peach and MAIL your application, along with your membership fee payable to SGMP, to our headquarters address: SGMP Membership Office, 908 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.

    Membership Name Change Policy

    Changes in name, address, and telephone number must be submitted in writing to the SGMP Membership Office. Contact SGMP Headquarters by mail or fax. Mail: SGMP Membership Office, 908 King Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. Fax: 703-549-0708.   

    Effective May 1, 2008 there will be a $25.00 fee assessed for submitting a name change for all members.

    Accessing SGMP National Portal

    All SGMP members should login to the new member portal at the new! It all starts after you login—and it only takes a minute! You can do it by simply entering the primary email address we have on file as your user name and then entering Password1 as your new/temporary password (once you login, create & save a new password).

    Renewing Membership

    If you are in your renewal cycle, you can print your invoice OR simply pay online (SGMP no longer mails dues invoices).